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Stefan Goldmann: The Outness Queens – music video

Music: Stefan Goldmann “The Outness Queens”
Director and DOP: Peter Vulchev
Cast: Silvia Stanoeva, Petia Gurnoeva, Filip Kostov
Editing: Nevelin Vulchev
First camera assistant: Dolores Alvarado
Assistant director: Elena Gjeroska

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Stefan Goldmann: Carrion Crow – music video

The video to “Carrion Crow” was shot in the streets of Sofia, Bulgaria, by director Peter Vulchev. It shows the rough & dark side of the city – focusing in on piles of trash, post-socialist concrete block scenery, animals and people found in the littered streets during the small hours of the night. It’s a non-standard theme for a music video, filmed dynamically with constantly changing angles and hectic edits – following the pulse of the city, the night and the song.

Music: Stefan Goldmann “Carrion Crow”
Director: Peter Vulchev
Camera: Dolores Alvarado
Editing: Bohos Topakbashian

Taken from Stefan Goldmann “17:50″ – out September 24th, 2012 on Macro.

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Stefan Goldmann: Rigid Chain – music video

The video to “Rigid Chain” was shot in Japan on the Shinkansen tracks between Kyoto and Tokyo during Stefan Goldmann’s three months artist residency at Villa Kamogawa.

Music: Stefan Goldmann “Rigid Chain”
Director: Peter Vulchev
Camera: Stefan Goldmann
Editing: Bohos Topakbashian

Taken from Stefan Goldmann “17:50″ – out September 24th, 2012 on Macro.


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